We meet every Wednesday at the Grand Ely Lodge and welcome guests and visiting Rotarians to join us at noon for lunch. For weekly program information, please visit our Facebook page. 
Ely Rotary
PO Box 222
Ely, MN 55731
We are a part of Rotary District 5580
     Our Leaders

  • President  -  Sarah Guy-Levar
  • President Elect  -  Todd Heiman 
  • Sergeant-at-Arms  -  John Mills
  • Secretary  -  Joe Owens (Kurt Soderberg, Asst)
  • Treasurer  -  Fletcher Freeman 
  • Past District Governor  -  Craig Loughery
  • Past President - Jeff Sundell
  • Foundation Chair  -  Ward Nelson
  • Board Members - Terri Olson, Kathy Udovich, Karen Zupancich
  • Student Exchange Chair  -  Jean Peshel
  • Exchange Student  -  Leo Georges
  • Exchange Student  -  Hannah Jankovec
  • Youth Chair  -  Alexis Leitgeb
  • Penny Jar Chair  -  Kurt Soderberg
  • Webmaster/Facebook  -  Susan Kasbeer 

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Ely Rotary Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable service organization located in Ely, Minnesota
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Our Biggest Fundraising Efforts
AUCTION  -  August 
The 28th annual auction took place in August at the Grand Ely Lodge, featuring Trader Craig as auctioneer. This funds most of our activities.
PENNY JAR DRIVE  - June through September
Penny Jars sit on merchants' counters throughout town to collect change.  That money is designated for Ely's Food Shelf and an international food program. 
Betsy Davis                Peter Davis                Sarah Guy-Levar

Susan Kasbeer          Craig Loughery           Diane Loughery

Denis Miller                John Mills                   Al Nap                       

 Ward Nelson              Joe Owens                Tim Riley

Jeff Sundell                 Karen Zupancich

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Purple Pinkie Pub Portage
World Polio Day - Oct 24
An evening of fun nets over $500 toward polio eradication